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I've had the opportunity to use a number of text to speech services and few of them have been able to deliver worthy results. In every Speechink review I've read so far, people have not yet complained about getting indiscernible transcriptions, due to the professional transcribers this business employs. The best voice to transcription company I've stumbled across is Speechpad. Speechpad reviews your files twice through the use of two separate transcriptionists. This ensures that you are always getting an accurate interpretation of your materials and one that you can actually use.

The best part of these services, however, is that they can be customized to suit the urgency of your project. Rather than being offered a single rate and a static delivery schedule, people can select their turnaround times and get prices that are reflective these. For me, this meant being able to save more money on tasks that were not so urgent while ensuring a rapid delivery on projects that my clients were already waiting for. Speechink reviews materials as they can, whereas you can have Speechpad review your uploaded files in just 24 hours if necessary. Thus, when I need to outsource urgent voice transcription projects, I know I can always count on Speechpad.

Review about: Speechpad Transcription Service.

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